4 Wonderful Places In Australia For Mesmerizing Australia Scenery

australia scenery

From enormous mountains and rainforests to exotic beaches and islands, Australia is a diverse land. In every state, there is something incredible to see for visitors. With all the unique spectacular places, there are few which are more special than the others. Here are 4 wonderful locations in Australia where you can find mesmerizing scenery. Also, these are some gorgeous spots that every visitor should not miss. 

  1. Cradle Mountain
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Tasmania’s Cradle Mountain is one of a kind destination in Australia. The mountain has a breathtaking view along with Dove Lake, a park, the ancient rainforests region, and many more exciting things to discover. Tourists like to go hiking and camping at Cradle Mountain. The mountain is home to numerous bird species which makes it even more beautiful. This mountain terrain is a pleasant experience for the eyes. 

2.Great Barrier Reef

If it’s about underwater beauty then nothing can overwhelm the Great Barrier Reef. This paradise is situated in Australia’s Queensland part. It is the biggest coral reef system that’s why it is a world-famous location where you can get to see every kind of marine life. The place is intriguing for any visitor. It also offers some interesting activities like scuba diving, surfing, and so on too. There is a lot more to explore and see at the Great Barrier Reef. 

3.Lake Hillier 

Located on the Southern Coast of the western part of Australia, this lake is one of the most prominent destinations. Lake Hillier is notably known for its pink color which is caused by the microscopic algae present in the lake. Its distinct color has made it worldwide famous. However, in recent years, its color has diminished a little bit but the lake is still beautiful. It is also considered one of the most beautiful pink lakes in the world. 

4.Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island is very different from most of the Australian land. Situated 600 km away in the eastern part of the mainland, this island is pretty much a surprise for visitors. This little and quiet volcanic island has all sorts of habitats for birds, animals, fisheries along with huge mountains as well as beaches. In other words, Lord Howe Island is another complete package of diversity and charm.  


Australia is surely a beautiful country. Cradle Mountain, Great Barrier Reef, Lake Hillier, and Lord Howe Island are some of the most popular as well as gorgeous spots in Australia. Cradle Mountain is home to exotic bird species, Dove Lake, ancient rainforests, and many more while the Great Barrier Reef is one of the kind locations for getting a glimpse of exotic marine life. The pink water lake named Lake Hillier is another beautiful destination in the country. Lastly, for some exotic views, Lord Howe Island is the right place. 

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