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It is not always easy to find out which equipment you should be carrying when you are going out because weather conditions are simply unpredictable. If you would like, you can follow an application that gives you all update about the weather condition but still you could find a few changes that was unexpected. This becomes worse when you are stuck in rain. If you have the right transportation to protect yourself from all of these, It would still work for you only up to a certain extent. To combat such situations, we have come up with a brilliant product – portable mini umbrella.

Portable Mini Umbrella

The first brightest feature of this portable umbrella is that the size is quite compact and you can carry it anywhere by just storing it in your bag. Just remember or put yourself in a situation where in you are prepared with it all for a beautiful picnic and suddenly you find yourself getting wet in the rain or the hotness from the Sun is almost burning you. Sunscreen lotions will only keep your skin healthy but not protect you from the burning sensation you would feel when you are under the sun. During such situations, it is only wise to have a mini umbrella with you and all you have to do is just take it out from your bag and protect yourself from the situation. This particular umbrella is designed to protect your skin from ultraviolet rays and is made up of eco-friendly materials. Some people might be wondering if this small umbrella will be able to withstand heavy weather conditions and we would like to confirm that it will.

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  • Panel Material Black Coating
  • Size S
  • Function Folding
  • Model Number Umbrella
  • Product Umbrella
  • Age Group Adults
  • Pattern Five-folding Umbrella
  • Material Metal
  • Control Non-automatic Umbrella
A close up of an umbrella


  • Coming to the first feature of this umbrella, it is portable.
  • The pricing is quite affordable.
  • The size is small which means you can carry it anywhere you go and it would not require much space or expect you to compromise on any essential just to provide space to carry this product. 
  • The product is available in different colors.
A person holding an umbrella


  • Regardless of the fact that the product is large enough to cover one person, you have to carry one for each. 


Clearly, there is no denying that mini umbrella would be useful for you wherever you go. When you carry all the safety equipment and essentials like sunscreen and so on, you can also carry this umbrella. Most people overlooked the need for an umbrella and regret it when they are in a situation in which an umbrella would have been of help. This product would be a perfect solution and comes at a price that will definitely suit your budget. Make sure to check the dimensions and material preference before you make your purchase. 

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