Amazing Places For Surfing In Australia

Explore all these excellent surfing spots in Australia.

Whether you are a newcomer in surfing circuit or a pro surfer, you are definitely in search for some gentle waves for surfing in Australia. There is no doubt that with 35,000 km long coastline, Australia has some of the world’s best surfing spots.

The list is for places where the surfers can enjoy the water during the warmer months. It consists of both bigger and gentler waves for all types of surfers. Here is the list for surfers all over the world about surfing spots in Australia-

The Top Places For Surfing Australia

Amazing Places For Surfing In Australia
Amazing Places For Surfing In Australia

1. Currumbin Alley Of Queensland: Best Surfing Australia Place

Want to longboard? Then Currumbin Alley will be your favorite place throughout the years. However, the first six months are the ideal time to enjoy your surfing. Both the seasoned and beginner surfers enjoy the right-hand break.

Towards the creek, the wave is much easier while closer to the rocky points it gets challenging. When the south-westerly wind blows, it is the best condition to have. However, to stay away from the crowd and get some quiet spot, head towards the white sand stretch to Palm Beach.

2. Palm Beach Of NSW

To get the best wave, Barrenjoey Headland end is the best place at Palm Beach for surfers. Here the southern wind produces quick barrelling waves. Another part of this beach is much more sheltered. You can find some gentle breakers with the wind blowing from the south.

This is a popular area with surf instructors who teach the sport to children.

3. Byron Bay Of NSW

Amazing Places For Surfing In Australia
Amazing Places For Surfing In Australia

Byron Bay is surfing mecca for a good reason. The region has over 10 beaches. Among all the beaches, Belongil Beach is the one that stands out as a favorite for surfers. Situated at one kilometer north of the Main Beach, this place is excellent for every level of surfers- be it for new-comers or professionals.

When the south-eastern swell is accompanied by southern or south-western wind, you get the best waves. This beach is quieter than other Byron Bay beaches. It appeals the beginner surfers when there are small waves. However, watch out when the swells are more massive as the currents are stronger.

4. Trigg Beach Of WA

The Trigg Beach is situated at the north of Perth. It is a consistent place for surfing in Australia. It provides strong waves for surfing. It is calm at other spots across the coastline.

You will get most favorable surf waves during the west-south-west swell. But the beach gets very crowded during the summer days.

5. Bells Beach Of Victoria

Bells Beach is located at the beginning of Great Ocean Road of Victoria. Some describe this beach as the surfing capital of the nation.

From the Southern Ocean, large swells come in which the experienced surfers enjoy a lot. High cliffs surround the beach. Surfing is best in this water, when the north-north-west wind rushes in, producing point-break waves.

If you want the best waves, head to the place between March –October. The Bowl and Rincon are two breaks of the beach. The popularity of The Bowl is more, and it has a variety of conditions. Here surfing is done best during the low tide whereas, at Rincon, surfing is better during the high tides.

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