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A long bridge over a body of water

Tourism in Australia involves fun and people prefer to travel without any hustle and disturbances. Tourists are out there in the arena searching for peace and satisfaction. Since the tourist industry promotes economic and social benefits to attract numerous tourists both nationals and internationals, the industry has been targeted to deliver several political and philosophic messages. Tourists are however less attracted to some places as well they ignore or avoid some places due to fear of safety and security. A safe and secure journey makes tourism to any place refreshing and joyful. The fear of pickpocketing, tourist harassment, and several other criminal actions make the tourists vulnerable and those places are blacklisted by international tourists. 

Recent News

A passenger onboard an Indigo flight said he is covid positive just before take-off. The pilot decided to return and announced the three rows of seats to get down and wait in a coach for containment as the COVID-19 positive passenger sat in one of the three rows. The seats were disinfected, seat covers were changed, and passengers were provided with PPE gowns.

On a Virgin Australia flight from Melbourne to Tasmania, after sharing a plane with a coronavirus patient, a total of 140 passengers were told to self-isolate for two weeks. The passengers were closely checked on any concerns and the measure of thorough cleaning of aircraft was taken.

US airlines were told to exercise caution in Pakistan’s airspace due to militant/extremist activity. Malaysia Airlines confirmed that by a third-party IT service provider, it had faced a data security incident. The airline then encouraged Enrich members to change their account passwords as a means of a precautionary measure.


A bridge over a body of water

To go into detail with this disease there are few things we should discuss. It is a type of disease which is transmitted to one another either physically or through the respiratory droplets. Symptoms like fever, cough, loss of smell, shortness of breath, fatigue, are observed in a person who is affected by this virus. And sometimes no symptoms are also observed. It is observed from 2-14 days of time. There is no vaccine for this virus as scientists are focusing on this virus to prevent it. It is almost giving a good result when it is tested in a lab.  Following prevention like washing hands, less traveling, using masks to cover the face, and maintaining social distance helps to avoid such viruses and does not enter into our body. It spread through contacting people and through droplets from cough and cold. 


The Australian tourism industry is growing significantly and is expecting steady growth in the upcoming years. But this growth might not be sustainable due to several factors affecting the tourists and thereby resulting in low demand and creating demand pressures on the government. Therefore, governments plan to implement various measures to provide safety and security to global tourists. These issues are nothing new but they have their origin from the past.

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