Australia Tourist Destination: Top 4 Destinations To Choose From

Australia Tourist Destination

Although being the smallest continent Australia has multitudes of interesting destinations to visit. Though it is a secluded nation, Australia offers its visitors some mesmerizing sites to makes cherishable memories. So, I am here with the top 4 Australia tourist destinations to make you plan better. Additionally, once you finish visiting these top choices help yourself up with the other exclusive options out there. Therefore without any further ado, let’s begin-

Top Australia Tourist Destination To Check
Top Australia Tourist Destination To Check

Let’s Start With Great Ocean Road

If you are an ardent lover of road trips then why miss the chance of having a fabulous gateway in Australia. Though you visited the location to spend some vacation time but do not miss the chance of riding by this amazing road.

Well, Great Ocean Road is the most scenic and the most driven path in the whole world. And, there are tons to do when you visit this wonderful location. So, start with the Port Campbell national park. Then visit the Otway national park. Also, make sure to visit the rain forest, hiking trails, and the waterfalls on the way.

Moving Next To Kakadu National Park

Besides getting listed on the World Heritage site, it is also one of the largest national parks in this country. The destination offers around more than 3000 species of birds to check. Then there are waterfalls, mangrove swamps, gorges, and more to explore. Additionally, visitors would also get a glimpse of the aboriginal rock art which is pretty fascinating isn’t it?

Furthermore, the magnificent wildlife would also amuse you that comprise of wallabies, dingoes, and saltwater crocodiles. Also, adventure seekers may get the chance of hiking at the Twin falls and Maguk area.

Next is Blue Mountain National Park

This lovely location is under the UNESCO World Heritage site offers the Australian guests a beautiful day trip from Sydney. And the name is derived from the mesmerizing blue haze coming out from the bunches of Eucalyptus trees.

Not only it is a spectacular location. Additionally, it would also offer some wonderful sites, like the gorges, diversified wildlife, and some monolithic paintings.

Last Stands The Fraser Island

This is a simple and short trip from the Harvey bay. Besides being the largest island it is also a huge area to offer magnificent sightseeing options. Like the other options, this destination also offers lush rain forests with a wide range of wildlife to see.

Additionally, there are sand dunes, freshwater creeks, and lakes that you get to enjoy while you visit here. Furthermore, the multicolored sand heaps is an added bonus of this exotic destination. Also make sure to witness the vivid marine life that has sharks, whales, and dolphins.

Australia Tourist Destination
Best Australia Tourist Destination To Know About


Since Australia is the largest island it is huge, packed with enormous choices of sites and magnificent places to have a look. Some honorable mentions in this regard are the Heida Museum of modern art, Tasmania’s museum of old and new art, Carlton’s garden and more. Also, make sure to visit Harbor Bridge, Opera House, and Uluru for some spectacular pictures.

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