Australia Vacation Destinations You Have Never Thought Of

australia vacation destination

Australia is a vast country consisting of the offshore islands of Tasmania, the Murray River, and the mainland of Australia. It is arguably the world’s fifth-most populous country and the largest state in Oceania. This country has many unique aspects and tourist attractions which draw many tourists to its shores each year.

An Overview

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With an abundance of land and waters, Australia is an excellent location for a relaxing vacation. There are oceans, lakes, glaciers, and deserts to explore. It’s also a popular destination for surfing because of the waves offered by the ocean, although it is one of the least popular surfing destinations in the world. The temperate climate allows visitors to enjoy all four seasons in one location. A visit to Australia is not complete without at least visiting Sydney, the capital city.

The Australian show dog, the “Bass” is also called the King Charles Spaniel. The breed was originally bred in England and came to Australia in the late 1800s as a cross with an English mastiff. Basses are known for their long coats and love to swim. They can be found in almost any color in the rainbow, and come in a variety of sizes from toy sized to full-size. Their Australian Shepherd ancestors were known for being excellent herding dogs. While the Bass is primarily a herding dog, they can also be found roaming free and enjoying the open plains and mountains of Australia.

Awesome Beauty

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The amazing natural beauty of Australia’s South Island is undeniable. The flora and fauna of this country are varied, which means that there is something for every taste. The flora and fauna of this part of Australia is unique, making it an absolutely wonderful vacation spot. The natural beauty of this part of Australia cannot be overstated. The beaches, rain forests, and mountains of this country are absolutely majestic. Many species of birds can be found here, as well as a variety of reptiles and mammals.

The Northern Territory is another wonderful place to visit in Australia. This part of Australia is located about half way along the country’s eastern coast. This region is home to many outstanding natural wonders, including the world’s largest floating rug, the Flinders Ranges National Park, and the Kings Canyon National Park. This part of the country offers a wealth of adventure for the adventurous tourist.

The Central Australia region is also another wonderful place for a vacation in Australia. This area contains some of the most spectacular natural beauty in Australia. This includes the infectious pink sand dunes, amazing waterfalls, kangaroos, and koala habitats. The country is also home to a variety of unique flora and fauna, making it an absolutely splendid vacation destination.

The South West Pacific is another incredible Australia vacation destination. This part of the country is host to a wealth of natural beauty. This area is home to the worlds largest bird called the Galapagos tortoise. It also has plenty of other colorful wildlife to be seen. There are many caves and other impressive natural formations to explore. This is truly a place for nature lovers to enjoy their vacation.

Another Legendary Place

The Great Barrier Reef is another popular and enjoyable Australia vacation spot. This amazing coral reef is home to many exotic creatures including the unique jellyfish. This incredible coral reef is located off the South Eastern coast of Australia. This is also one of the best vacation destinations in Australia. This is a very scenic and lovely vacation spot that is home to many different activities, sights, and sounds.

This is a large desert located in the Northern regions of the country. It is also a popular camping and travel spot with a multitude of accommodations and caravan parks. It is the largest desert in the Northern Hemisphere and is considered to be an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle National Park. There are many tours available to view the beautiful landforms and the wildlife that can be found here. This is a wonderful Australian wildlife adventure that is also home to a variety of natural beauty.

The beaches of Australia are some of the best in the world. These sandy shores are home to surfers from around the world. There are several popular surf breaks in the nation as well as excellent facilities and amenities for water sports lovers. These are just a few of the great Australian vacation spots that you can enjoy; whether it is a relaxing holiday at a beach or taking a lesson riding the waves.


Australia’s Capital City of Sydney is one of the most vibrant and exciting cities to visit. Its location makes it a great location for a vacation spot because it offers so much to do. It offers shopping, dining, nightlife, and so much more. This is another one of the many Australia vacation destinations where you can learn a lot about history while having fun. The opera house is a must see, the museum is informative, and the cafe is great for catching up with friends and family.

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