Best Beaches in New South Wales in Australia

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Australia is well known for its beaches. If you were to visit one a day, it’d take over 27 years to see them all! Some of the very best in the country can be found in NSW, from those with pure white sand (including the whitest sand in the world!) to sweeping golden bays and those nestled between craggy headlands. 

You can drive right up to the vast majority of beaches on this list, so they’re perfect for a hot day when you don’t want to put in too much effort. Here are some of the very best beaches in NSW. 

1. Hyams Beach, Jervis Bay

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We had to start this list with the beach that has the whitest sand in the world (it’s even in the Guiness Book of Records!). Hyams Beach gets a lot of hype but it really does live up to it, it’s simply sensational. Although it is understandably popular, it is a very long beach so there’s a lot of room to spread out. 

If like us, you prefer your beaches really quiet you can go very early in the morning. It’s a magical place to watch the sunrise and then even for a few hours after you won’t be sharing it with many people. 

Access to the beach is easy, you only have to walk a few steps down to the sand, the harder part is parking if you’re visiting in the middle of the day. 

2. Murray Beach, Jervis Bay

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Not far from Hyams, in Booderee National Park, you’ll find another beauty. White sand, turquoise water and fewer people seem to know about this one. If you love the idea of Hyams but you arrive and it’s too busy, this could be a perfect alternative. Constantly comparing it to Hyams probably doesn’t do it justice either, it’s a truly spectacular beach. You do have to pay the ACT national park fee to get in, but it’s all for a good cause. 

3. Wategos Beach, Byron Bay

A short distance from Main Beach in Byron Bay, you’ll find Wategoes. It’s a gorgeous little beach and it always has a lovely vibe. You’ll find everyone from surfers to families playing ball games and maybe even a few dolphins in the distance! 

It’s a popular spot but the majority of people stick to the area in front of the car park, you’ll find it much quieter if you head to the northern end of the beach. 

The turquoise water is perfect for swimming and it’s just a short stroll up to the top of the lighthouse for sunset when you’re done lazing around. 

4. Tallow Beach, Byron Bay

Tallow Beach is absolutely huge, so you’ll never have a problem finding a spot on this stunning beach. It’s a great place for surfing, and relaxing, or a long stroll if you’re feeling energetic. It’s an easy beach to walk along because the sand is compact. 

Tallows is fringed by beautiful bushland and it certainly has that wild feel, if you’re incredibly lucky you might even see a koala! If you go all the way to the southern beach end of the beach and follow the walking track that runs behind it, you’ll also find an amazing picnic spot, and a small secret beach – which were some of our favourite places in Byron Bay.

5. Mollymook, South Coast

This beach has a real family vibe and it’s a great place to relax and soak up the friendly atmosphere. It’s another big beach with plenty of room to spread out on. 

It’s a lovely beach for swimming and also close to one of our favourite regional seafood restaurants, Bannisters. 

6. Burning Palms, Royal National Park

This beach located in Royal National Park requires a little bit of a walk. It probably takes around 30 minutes to get down to it (and yep it’s all uphill on the way back) but it’s more than worth the effort to get to one of our favourite secluded beaches in Sydney. We’ve never seen it very busy and the backdrop of green hills really adds to the charm. If the tide is low you can also walk round to the famous Figure of 8 Pools for one of Sydney’s more adventurous day trips. 

These are some of the best beaches at New South Wales.

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