Broome Australia Attractions – How To Get The Most Out Of Them

broome australia attractions

There are many different Broome Australia attractions for visitors to visit. This city is situated on the Swan River banks and is surrounded by the surrounding forest. Broome’s town was incorporated as a town in 1776 and was originally a small fishing port. Today, it is known as the “Cultural and Industrial Capital of Western Australia.”

Tuggeran Beach

A large clock tower next to a body of water

The first of the Broome Australia attractions is the “Tuggeran Beach.” This beach is just minutes away from the center of Broome. The beach is home to several surf schools, cafes, and restaurants. Because of these establishments’ proximity to the beaches, tourists can enjoy lunch and refreshments while sunbathing or swimming. The water is clean and crystal clear all year round, making it an excellent place for families with small children.

National Rhododendron Gardens

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Another popular attraction at Broome is the National Rhododendron Gardens. These gardens are located at Mt Gambier. They were created in 1873 by John Alexander Hobler and have been a favorite tourist attraction since their creation. Tourists love to walk through the pathways, admire the colorful flowers, and watch the colorful birds. The garden has three unique rhododendrons species that grow in differing shades of green.

Old Capalina Lodge

The third attraction is the Old Capalina Lodge. This historic hotel was built in 1850 and is located near the town. There is no other hotel in the area that can compete with it. Its history is as colorful as it is inspiring. The original structure is designed like a mansion and contains over three hundred antiques.

Arthur’s Seat Theatre

Another popular Broome Australia Attractions is Arthur’s seat Theatre. It has four full sets of musical productions for adults and two children. There are also several guest speakers available throughout the year to provide citizens with information about their heritage and history. This is an excellent place for visitors to learn more about their ancestors’ history and visit a native Australian.

The last of the popular Broome Australia Attractions is a famous nightlife. Many people enjoy staying in one of the many hotels that are located here. Hotels are plentiful throughout the city, and many of them offer nightly entertainment. Some of the most popular bars and clubs include the Garage Bar, The Rocket Bar, The Rose bar, and the Eagle Bar. These pubs have continuously drawn a crowd of tourists throughout the years.

Royal Australian Air Force Museum

Another popular Broome attraction that tourists love to visit is the Royal Australian Air Force Museum. This museum was initially built as an airbase, and it still serves this purpose today. In addition to serving as a military museum, it also provides many visitors. You can visit the Cold War bunker, flight simulator, museum, and a great movie theater.

Trip To Melbourne

The last thing on most people’s list of Broome Australia attractions is their trip to Melbourne. Melbourne is the second-most populous city in Australia and is one of its most beautiful cities. The natural beauty of the area is hard to surpass. The zoo, the aquarium, and the beach are some of the best in the country. It is no surprise that millions of tourists visit Melbourne each year.

Final Wrap-Up

If you want to see the true beauty of Australia, then you should make it a priority to see all of the Broome Australia attractions listed here. Your travel plans will be much more enjoyable this way. Plus, you will see even more of the country while doing so. The money you save on car hire will just go to pay for itself!

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