Broome Australia Beach Hotels – Great Hotels Near The Beach

Broome Australia Beach

It is one of the most popular tourist spots in Western Australia. You can easily find several resorts and hotels in Broome that cater to all your needs.

Choose The Right Hotel In The City

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In order to enjoy your stay in Broome, you have to choose the right hotel in the city. When it comes to this, there are several hotels in Broome that you can choose from. They are the Best Western Grand Hotel, Grandstand Inn, and the Hotel Westgate. The rates and services that are offered by these hotels are affordable.

The Grand Hotel is the first place that you should go when you are looking for a place to stay in Broome. This is one of the best hotels that you will find in the city. It has an all-day breakfast. You can avail a complimentary breakfast with every room that is booked.

There is a pool in the Grand Hotel that is also available on a daily basis. You can enjoy swimming in the pool anytime during the week and at any time of the day during the weekend. The staff of the hotel is very friendly and they take care of your needs.

The Grand Hotel also has a gym and a fitness center. In addition, there are also some restaurants in the hotel that provide breakfast and lunch service. There are some other services like laundry services, spa services, and babysitting services as well.

Consider Grand Hotel For Beach View

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If you want a better view of the beach, then you should stay at the Grand Hotel. It is located next to the beach in the city of Broome. When it comes to the service that it provides, it is second to none. You have access to the Internet, televisions, wireless Internet, DVD player, and telephone with local phone access.

The Grand Hotel also has several pools, Jacuzzi’s, and game rooms that are all equipped with all the amenities that you would need for your stay. You can relax at the pool, play tennis, or enjoy water sports like surfing or swimming. with your family and friends.

Activities Available At Beach Hotels

The Grand Hotel also offers activities for kids like scuba diving, snorkeling, and jet boating. and snorkeling. For the entertainment that you can look forward to, there are also live shows, dance troupes, and theater groups, and many more.

Another popular hotel in the area of Broome is the Bronson Hotel. This is a mid-range hotel that is located near the Broome Australia Beach. The staff at this hotel is friendly and willing to help you. There is also a playground at the Bronson Hotel.


If you are looking for a place to stay in Broome Australia, you should check into the Bronson Hotel. It is a great place to stay and is located right by the beach.

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