Destination Australia Travel – Taking Advantage of the Rich History of the Country

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There is a variety of destination Australia travel destinations to select from, and each offers something different. If you are an avid explorer and surfer of the great outdoors, then perhaps the remote outback of Australia is right for you. If you like the glitz and glamour of a city setting, then the coastal state of Queensland is just perfect for that as well.

But there are many more selections from which you can choose. In fact, there are so many wonderful Australian destinations, it can be hard to pick just one. A perfect place for a relaxing getaway is the Gold Coast. With its clean white sands and calm ocean front, this destination offers some of the best beachfront accommodation in the world.

Top Destination

A large body of water with a city in the background

Also located in the Gold Coast area is Surfers Paradise. Surfers Paradise features all of the amenities needed for ultimate relaxation. Many of the hotels in Surfers Paradise have panoramic Oceanside views. If you love the nightlife, there is plenty to enjoy here. There are many live music events held at many of the venues. Plus, for those who enjoy golf, there is a golf course for you to enjoy as well.

For those looking for the perfect Australia holiday, then you will most definitely want to make this their destination. Cairns is a very popular destination in Cairns. Cairns is a very unique destination because it is only about two hours away from the main Australian city of Sydney. This makes Cairns a perfect weekend getaway location or even a permanent vacation spot for those traveling to Australia. Cairns also offers a variety of accommodation options. There are many backpacker type hotels, cabins and resorts available to stay in Cairns.

Read The Laws 

A large body of water with a city in the background

For those traveling to Australia for the first time, it may be helpful to read up on Australian immigration laws before making plans to travel to this country. As an American citizen by choice, you are allowed to live and work in Australia for three years. After three years, if you wish to apply for citizenship, you must live in the country for three years also. However, if you have an American spouse or child you can obtain an immigrant visa much easier. Plus, the country is a great place to visit with a variety of activities and events taking place throughout the year.

The Melbourne City Hall is an important tourist attraction that tourists must see when they are in Cairns. In Melbourne, you can see the magnificent Harbour Bridge, the Royal Botanic Gardens, the Flinders Street, Old Parliament House, and the Royal Opera House. Besides the gardens and museums, there are numerous parks, museums, and zoos to visit while you are in Melbourne.

Famous Museum 

If you are interested in history while you are on your Australian travel vacation, the Adelaide Museum is a must-see location. This museum is a one of a kind, historical destination that will fill your every single senses. Not only will you see various exhibits, you will hear about the incredible stories of the Indigenous people of Australia as well. Plus, the museum has an open air exhibition that runs each day of the year. If you cannot make it out during the exhibition, do not worry because it is often held outdoors.


The Capital Region of South Australia is located right next to Victoria and shares many similarities with the beautiful state. Capital Region boasts all of the charm that is needed to enjoy an amazing Australian holiday, including the beautiful beaches, fantastic wine regions, amazing art galleries, and unique historic buildings that you will find in the area. The city of Adelaide is a popular destination for international travelers because it offers so many different things for tourists to explore such as the beaches, the botanical gardens, the university, shopping areas, and restaurants. Plus, if you would like to take in a little history in the area, the Adelaide Museum is the perfect place to do just that.

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