Fascinating Facts About Australia

fun facts about australia

Australia is a wonderful place to visit. It is home to some of the most incredible wildlife ever recorded. It also has one of the most stable climates on Earth. There are some fun facts about australia that will amuse and enlighten you. One of these fun facts about australia is that they have four Olympic gold medals awarded to their athletes in both the 1996 and 2021 Olympics. That puts Australia right up there with China and Russia as the next most world famous Olympic Athletes.

Facts about Australia

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Newest Australian Fun Facts: According to some researchers, the aborigines of Australia used human skulls as weapons to fight off marauding tribes. This is one of the oldest known facts about australia. Also according to these researches, aborigines made baskets filled with brains from killed animals. These “brains” are the biggest, most precious artifacts left from the aborigines.

The largest city in Australia, Sydney, is located on the coast about half an hour from the Great Barrier Reef. This makes it the fourth largest city in the world, after Tokyo, London, and Paris. Sydney is the largest city in Australia, even though it is only a little over one hundred thousand people. It is the eighth largest financial city in the country, and the third largest city in New South Wales.

According to one of the most entertaining and informative fun facts about australia, there actually is a ship that travels between the east and west oceans, called the Sydney express. This magnificent ship travels about two thousand miles between the east and west oceans. This historic route was first used by Captain Cook to establish his colony in Australia. It took almost four hundred years for this great ocean road to link the two parts of the earth by means of an underwater railway.

The longest ferry in the world is the Queen Elizabeth, which travels between the Australian and Indian oceans. It takes about two and a half days to make this journey. This is the third longest ferry route in the world, after the United States and the Indian Pacific. One of the great ocean roads in Australia, the Great Ocean Road, has a total length of ten thousand kilometers.

The country of New South Wales, also known as the New South Wales, is located in the northern part of Australia. This is the northernmost state of Australia, and is a country with vast natural beauty. There are two coast lines that border the coast of New South Wales, the Sydney Harbor and the Port MacDonnell Channel. The largest city of Sydney, Australia, is also situated on the banks of the Sydney Harbor. A variety of natural and man made sights can be seen along the way, including the Sydney Opera House, the Royal National Park, the Bondi Beach, and the Great Ocean Road. There are many interesting facts about australia, Sydney, including that the Sydney Harbor Bridge is the highest bridge in the world.

Tropical Australia is located on the southwest coast of the country. It is one of the most southerly countries in the world, and is bordered to the north by the Great Barrier Reef. The largest coral reef in the world can be found in this country, and is home to many exotic species of tropical fish. Many of the islands that constitute the Australian islands were discovered by the British Empire during their travels across the world.

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There are many facts about australia, including the fact that the Sydney Opera House was built using the sandstone from the Australian Outback. This makes it one of the few places in the world to witness the ancient cultures of Australia. Australia is also home to the world’s oldest known human settlement, which is the Koolwa Buried Village. The aboriginal people of the region still live in small settlements, and farm animals such as sheep, pigs, goats and cattle. These rural communities provide much of the country with the natural beauty that is found here.

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