How To Create Australia Post Travel Cards

australia post travel cards

Australia Post travel cards are a great way for regular travelers to keep in touch with family and friends back home. By getting an online account with the Australian Post (APS), you can send cards online to anyone living in Australia. These cards have a virtual address where you can write a letter of request or just about anything you want to say to loved ones back home. Here’s what you can expect on your first APS card:

The cards are sent through the Australian Post office online or by mail. Either way, they arrive in your mail inbox within a few days. Depending on the time zone, it could arrive as early as two weeks or as late as three months. There is a temporary address line provided when ordering the cards so you can ensure your card gets to its destination in a timely fashion.

Divided Based On The Date Of Issue

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There are four types of Australia Post cards to choose from based on the recipient’s name, occupation, country of origin or location and date of issue. The four categories are also divided based on the date of issue. There is the Australia Day card, the Mother’s Day card, the Father’s Day card, the Christmas card and the Vacation card. The order of these categories will determine which card type you will receive.

The Australia Day card has an envelope, a greeting and name. It has an address line for your postal address in Australia. It does not, however, include a return address or additional postage. The Australia Day card is intended as a token of appreciation. It shows that you are thinking of your friends and family and that you wish them a happy Australian holiday.

Celebrate Motherhood


The Mother’s Day card includes a short message. It usually contains a photo of your daughter, mother or wife along with her birthdate and the date of her birthday. In addition, there is a brief message from you. The Mother’s Day card is sent to celebrate motherhood and the joy of bringing up children. The message can be a generic one, or you can write your own message.

The Father’s Day card sends thanks to your father for everything he has done for you during your holiday. You can write your own message but the Aussie travel cards come with a blank envelope for you to write your own message. This is one of the most commonly sent holiday cards.

The Christmas Cards

The Christmas cards are small in size and can be easily carried in your pocket. They do not have an envelope or return address line. These cards are traditionally used by family and friends to wish each other on their special day. You can choose from the traditional Christmas cards, which usually have a design of snowmen or Santa, to more contemporary designs, with images of snowflakes, stars, angels and other winter-like images.

The business and sales cards are great if you need to promote a local business. The company name, logo and contact details can be printed on the card. These postcards are a good option for small businesses who are unable to afford expensive postcard printing. For more information on these cards, you can visit Go Cards, the official online source for Australia Post and send them a postcard online.

Holiday Reward Card

Holiday reward cards are great if you want to reward your travelling companion on his/her travels. These are similar to hotel reward cards, only you get discounts when the recipient uses your card. These are available at many hotels and restaurants in Australia and even overseas.

The loyalty card is another useful product. As the name suggests, this product is used to show your customer that you have their loyalty. You can buy these from any post office or supermarket in Australia and even worldwide. These are normally displayed on the counter as an item that can be claimed from the customer upon purchase. The value of the item will vary depending on the time period for which it has been purchased.

Final Words

You can also create your own Australia Post Travel Cards using a desktop publishing program like Adobe InDesign, Corel Draw or Paint Shop Pro. These programs will allow you to create a fully functional card with a professional finish. You can either include your full name, a photo of yourself and your address line, or just the name of the business and your address. The Australia Post website has full instructions on how to do this.

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