Kakadu Resort Jabiru: Best Place To Visit And Explore

Kakadu Resort

Kakadu Resort, Jabiru, located near the Kakadu National Park, is located in the Northern Territory, Australia. It’s a great place to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The place is known for its lush greenery, and there are plenty of activities available in the vicinity. You can go skiing, fishing, bird watching, swimming, rafting, and hiking. 

Base Of Mountain

The resort has two hotels, one at the base of the mountain and another at the top. Some resorts offer the facility of camping on a private site. The hotels are equipped with facilities like swimming pools, spa, Jacuzzi, gymnasium, shops, restaurants, etc. There are also other activities such as hiking, rock climbing, trekking, and many others you can enjoy if you stay at one of the Kakadu resorts. The resort is just about three hours’ drive away from Darwin.

Great Place To Explore
Kakadu Resort Jabiru: Best Place To Visit And Explore

Provide Packages

The accommodations are available in various resorts according to the tastes of the tourists. Some of the hotels also provide packages for tourists. Some resorts have swimming pools, barbeques, swimming pools, and other facilities. Also, some of the hotels even offer rooms with an internet connection.

Resort’s Activity: Kakadu Resort

If you want to enjoy the resort’s activities, you can choose among the four restaurants in Kakadu Resort, Jabiru, which include Kebaytana, Ndutuna, Makarawa, and Maunganui. You can eat any food that you prefer, such as steaks, burgers, hotdogs, BBQ, and many others.

Beautiful Area: Kakadu Resort

Some resorts offer their services to the locals in the area so that they can enjoy the benefits of being a tourist in this beautiful area. These resorts include Tingo and Maunganui.

Discount To Attract Tourists

Apart from the accommodation facilities, the hotels also offer some great shopping experience at their stores and restaurants. Some places offer special offers and discounts to attract tourists.

There are a lot of attractions to visit in Kakadu. So, you need to plan and take a tour before you take your vacation.

Beautiful Landscape: Kakadu Resort

The tourist attractions of this place include the beautiful landscapes, the wildlife, the animals, and birds of this place. Also, there are some important historical and archaeological sites which are worth visiting. The best way to explore this place is to make a tour package that includes a stay in the Kakadu Resort. After visiting all these attractions, you can get a glimpse of the life of the native people of this place.

Thousand Of Tourists

The place is visited by thousands of tourists who come to spend vacations in this amazing place every year. There are lots of places which can be visited in the Kakadu area and hence you have to plan well so that you can see every place. Every part of the place.

Lake Eyre National Park

One of the most popular places that you should visit is the Lake Eyre National Park. This place is famous for the rich flora and fauna, and there are some unique animals found here. If you want to see all the things, you should come for a visit to this place during the summer months or in the late spring or summer.

Facility Of Camping On Private Site
Kakadu Resort Jabiru: Best Place To Visit And Explore

Visitors Of This Place

The National Parks in this place is also famous. Some national parks are only accessible to the visitors of this place. If you do not like the national parks, you can go to the national park as well.


There are some accommodation options available for tourists to have the best possible vacation. You can make your holiday package and book the accommodation yourself, or you can also book accommodation through the hotels. If you have any special requirements, you can ask the hotel to help you in such a case.

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