Major Cities In Australia – Places You Should Definitely Visit

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Everybody would like to go on some travel especially in the regions filled with nature’s beauty and one such country is Australia. While it is uncommon that major cities of a country would have the traditional and contemporary beauty together, Australia says otherwise. There are some major cities in Australia as listed below that give you the best of both. This article gives an overview of the list of cities you cannot afford to miss any time soon. 

Major Cities In Australia – Sydney

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In the superstar of New South Wales, it’s all gorgeous surf beaches, top-tier entertainment venues, and a spectacular harbor. The city is the Silicon Valley-type space in Australia, very well known for its technological improvements and creative advancements, history aficionados will appreciate the city’s cultural diversity, which includes the 100-year-old Bondi Icebergs and the Royal Botanic Gardens (thought to be the oldest public gardens in the Southern Hemisphere).

Major Cities In Australia – Melbourne, Victoria

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Though not glamorous as its northern counterpart, Sydney, Victoria’s progressive state capital is one of the country’s coolest metropolis marvels. Gourmet gastronomic options, trendy pubs, a bustling cultural scene, and a feel that is more European than any of its cosmopolitan competitors can be found.

Major Cities In Australia – Cairns, Queensland 

The city of Cairns (pronounced Cans) gets a lot of love from adventurers, nature lovers, and sporty types as the primary gateway to some of Australia’s greatest natural wonders (the Great Barrier Reef, the Daintree rainforest, the Atherton tablelands, and Cape Tribulation). Snorkeling to parasailing, bush-walking, and rainforest trekking are the most popular activities, but there are also fascinating Aboriginal treks, a thriving coffee shop culture, and a few great pubs and markets.

Major Cities In Australia – Darwin, Northern Territory

It is much closer to Asia than its down south counterparts, Australia’s only tropical capital city enticed with a balmy year-round climate, a plethora of cultural activities, and a swanky waterfront zone that has completely transformed the city’s appearance and feels. There’s also a harbor that rivals Sydney’s, two beautiful adjacent national parks (Kakadu and Litchfield), spectacular sunsets (the Mindil Sunset Markets take place only when the sun sets into the crystal Arafura Sea), and an atmosphere that’s far less frontier town than you’d imagine.

Major Cities In Australia -Canberra

Canberra, which has spent the last century living up to its moniker as a drab politician’s playground populated by drab bureaucrats, is having a Capital of Cool moment. History buffs will, of course, continue to get their dose from majestic government facilities, heritage buildings, and unquestionably the best museums and galleries in the country. However, there is an exciting new wave of game-changing hotels, high-profile restaurants, innovative boutiques and pop-up stores, and incredible crafts markets that have all altered the city in recent years.


The next time you are planning to visit Australia, we hope you will not miss out on all of these important cities that have plenty of attractions to offer.

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