Running Low On Battery? Try Crank Charger Now

Running Low On Battery? Try Crank Charger Now

Nobody likes it when their smartphone and power banks run low. In this digital era, each day, you can see a new invention that allows consumers to stay connected with technology. One such accessible device is a hand crank charger. It’s a smart alternative of power bank that works just like a larger device such as a hydroelectric dam turbine. The turbine is turned to produce friction that in turn produces electricity. Similarly, the handle attached to the emergency device allows you to charge up your smartphone irrespective of the situation. Let’s encounter one of the best and reliable crank chargers used during traveling or in an emergency.

Crank Charger For Emergency And Travel

It’s an emergency charger specially designed for traveling, such as hiking, trekking, etc. This perfect smartphone accessory allows you to explore outdoor no matter what situation you encounter. Compared to the solar charger, hand crank charger is the best because it merely makes use of physical power instead of solar power. That’s what makes it vital for fishing, mountain climbing, trekking, camping, and even everyday use.


The maximum DC output voltage expected is 5.5V, and the maximum output current is 600 mAh. The interface type used here is USB. It has a certain size, weight, USB port, and output voltage.

Crank Charger Requirement

The modern crank charger allows the user to turn the crank that produces electricity required to charge up the compatible devices. That means it requires the effort of a minimum of 10 minutes to charge up your cell phone in case of an emergency. The crank charger is practical for overnight trips. Also, it is compact, lightweight, and utilized for a more extended period. Portable charging banks and portable mat solar panels might not work as efficiently as a crank charger to keep your device charged.

Crank Charger Specialty

It has an inherited LED light that allows the user to know that power starts generating when the handle is turned in a definite direction. The stow-away and compact handle design offer easy portability.

Device Type

Devices like LG, HTC, Samsung, Nokia, etc. charged up using the hand crank portable charger. However, the only drawback of the charger is that it cannot be used to charge high-end smartphones. It features connectivity only to low charging phones mentioned above. It comes in definite charger style, color, current output, depth, package type, output type, width, height, and product weight.

Crank Charger Ergonomic Handle

Due to the small size, it looks like a toy; however, it is fully-functioning. The only thing to remember is you can’t charge up devices like iWatch, iPods, iPhones, and mac book. It works great on android devices. You will see an LED light that indicates when the charger kept on. Another incredible feature the product provides is the ergonomic handle. The compact and small size won’t make it slip your handle or pockets. Either you can try it for everyday use or when going to trekking, hiking, etc.  

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