Some best Tourist Attractions in Melbourne Australia

melbourne australia tourist attractions

Melbourne which is the Australia 2nd largest metropolitan city which is topping the list as the most liveable city of Australia with its vibrant Elegance and multicultural lineage. The city has a distinct European feel due to its hidden laneways, promenades, and grand victorian buildings which were funded by the 1850 Gold Rush. Famous Aussie chefs. Showcase their talents overhears so this place also becomes very suitable and attractive for food lovers because a lot of food feasts are also held here. You can find cuisines ranging from Vietnamese, Italian, French and European. The city has a number of beautiful galleries and is famous for its Sports people love to visit this place for the sake of sport and for visiting those wonderful galleries and buildings. We have laid down certain famous and stunning tourist attractions in Melbourne Australia for you so that you can find a solution to your query in one simple click.

Federation Square-

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Federation square was open to commemorate the Federation in 2002 which divided the Melbourne ians into two groups. The one group loved the building and the other group hated it but nonetheless it became one of the integral parts of the city’s tourist attraction which makes it sightseeing for the tourists. It is located to the opposite side of Flinder Street Station in Melbourne Australia.

Royal Botanic Gardens-

About two kilometres from CBD extending from the south of the Yara river the Royal botanic Garden is located in the heart of the Parkland. Encompassing two locations the Melbourne and the Cranbourne it was established in 1846 by covering an area of 38 hectare with more than 8500 species of plants.

Cricket Ground and National Museum of Melbourne-

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Australia Sporting capital is Melbourne so you will not be surprised to find that a cricket stadium ranks among the top tourist attractions. That city has a capacity of 100000 people to accommodate and it was established in 1853. Bakrid cricket stadium also contains a national Museum for sports which contains the national Museum of Olympics and gallery of sports.

Eureka Tower-

In the heart of the South Bank the tower stands 91 stories above the ground and was made in memory to honour Eureka Stockade in 1853. Theme and sparkle is added to this building due to the Golden plated Windows and doors. When light catches this Windows and doors it gives a golden heu and makes it look very grand. The highest public view in the southern hemisphere is provided by the sky deck which is present on the 88th floor of this building.


We have provided you with some of the tourist attractions in Melbourne Australia there are a number of other tourist attractions as well. To know more stay tuned to get the latest information and facts about this city.

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