Star Travel Australia Tips To Make Your Trip Under Budget

star travel australia

Australia is one of the most beautiful countries globally, but it can also be one of the most expensive. However, this should not discourage you as there are several ways to make your trip through this country/continent/island a little cheaper and not break your pocket.

Choose The Moment. What Is The Best Day To Look For A Cheap Flight?

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This is vital. It does not matter which search engine you use; if you are looking quietly on a Friday afternoon or Saturday, forget about finding cheap flights. There are many “theories” about the best time and day to buy a cheap flight, but the one that predominates is on Tuesdays / Wednesdays around 3 pm. This is logically not exact at all. In the end, the formula is “Search when nobody’s looking”, that is, hours of work, meals … When there is less web traffic, let’s go.

How Far In Advance Is It Better To Look For Flights?

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The truth is that there is nothing conclusive here and that it is familiar to all destinations. This ARC study gives us very different ratios depending on the destination or origin; in short, it is impossible to establish ratios for everyone. Usually, at least a month before or a little more in advance are ideal to buy international flights. Use the price alert. If you are still not convinced to buy that ticket, let them warn you about the fluctuations.

Ride A Campervan For $ 1

One of the best ways to explore Australia is in a camper van. Best of all, there are possibilities for free or, at least, very cheap as you read. What happens is that in this country, there is a concept called “car relocation” or, basically, relocation of a car. This is that agencies or companies that rent camper vans or vehicles need to move the said vehicle from one city to another. And to avoid having to hire or pay someone to do it, they decide to rent them to travellers for sums as cheap as 1 USD.

Go Camping Aussie

Another of the great experiences you can have in Australia is travelling camping. The only thing you should keep in mind is that in some places camping is prohibited. That is why we recommend using an App called WikiCamps Australia. Although it has a cost 7.99 AUD, it will be of great help while you travel. This app tells you what camping areas are near your location, what kind of facilities and facilities it has (bathrooms, kitchen, shower, etc.), and it also tells you if it is free or if you have to pay for camping.

Last Tip: Save On Food

Eating out in Australia can be quite expensive, so we recommend cooking in most cases. The good thing is that supermarkets have quite reasonable prices and a great variety of food that will help you eat better and more economically. In Australia, there are three leading supermarkets: 1. Woolworths, also known as Woollies, or Metro; 2. Cabbages and; 3. ALDI. The favourite supermarket is Coles, since it is not as expensive as Woolworths and, although it is not as cheap as ALDI, it does have a greater variety of products than the latter.

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