The Best Places In Australia You Must See

places in australia

Australia, formally the Commonwealth of Australia, consists of the country’s mainland, the island of Tasmania, and several minor islands. It is also the sixth-most populous country in the world and the eighteenth-most densely populated one. A vibrant country and agricultural producer, Australia boasts resource supplies including coal, iron ore, timber, agricultural produce, oil, gas, and wool. Tourism is the single largest contributor to the economy, supporting over two hundred and forty thousand jobs in Australia. Other significant economic factors in Australia include mining, agriculture, industry, communications, finance, and travel.


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If you love the great outdoors, settle down in one of Australia’s many appealing towns and cities and discover a few of the exciting and diverse places to visit in Australia. If you’re looking for an ideal place to holiday in Australia, then Sydney is the place you should be heading to. Situated in the coastal state of New South Wales, Sydney is one of Australia’s major economic centers and has plenty of exciting attractions that will surely entice you and your family. Some of the places in Australia you should see during your Sydney holiday include Central Sydney, Parramooka, Bondi Beach, Woollam Beach, Foreshore, and the Hunter Valley.

The Great Ocean Road

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The Great Ocean Road is an Australian expressway that runs from Melbourne to Sydney. It covers the longest stretches of coastal area globally and gives visitors a chance to see some of Australia’s natural wonders. The Great Ocean Road has a vast network of car parks along the way, so you’ll never have to worry about where to park. The Great Ocean Road is home to several sights you won’t want to miss, including the Great Ocean Road itself, the Night Safari, and the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge.


Uluru is an Australian sandstone formation that stands forty-two meters high and includes a crater that acts as a sinkhole for dinosaur bones. Native Australians have been visiting the Uluru site since the nineteen-seventy-ninth century. Legend has it that the spirit of the deceased aboriginal inhabitant still dwells within the sandstone formation, protecting its delicate bones from being carted away by tourists. A fascinating aspect of the site is that although tourists have been to the surface of Uluru, they cannot touch the bones themselves because a glass dome protects them.

William Wallace National Park And Victoria Barracks

Victoria Barracks and William Wallace National Park are two other world heritage sites in Australia that can be visited as part of your holiday to Australia. William Wallace National Park includes a series of spectacular formations, including the famous William Wallace track. The park is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including koalas, emus, kangaroos, wallabies, and blueberries. The beautiful Australian outback is just waiting for you to explore.

Final Thoughts

There are many more places to explore in Australia, but these top two should get you started. Another great place to visit in the Pilbara, home to a unique rock formation called Mount Sharp. If you’re an adventure enthusiast, then this is an absolute must-do. If you like wildlife and beautiful scenery, then you might want to consider visiting Hervey Bay, which is home to Australia’s only breeding ground for the critically endangered dugong.

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