The Ultimate Guide To Coron Island Ultimate Tour

Coron Island

Coron Island, a place that offers you everything you could ever imagine or better say desire on a paradise gateway. From strolling along, sandy white beaches to fascinating scuba diving adventure, what else do you want? Being on Coron Island, you are going to plenty of activity choices, and you should explore them all. The whole atmosphere will ask you to relax and ease your pain as you take a dip in a saltwater hot spring. The perfect bonus would be surprising yourself with an African Safari, and of course, do not forget to challenge your skills at deep-sea fishing. You love fishing, right?

The natural wonders, along with amazing islands, draw the attention of tourists from all over the globe. Let’s see the great things that you can not miss on no matter what; it is the main attraction you can say rather. Let’s not ado further and check out below.

Coron Island Tourist Attraction

There are so many places that you should visit when you are on Coron Island. Let’s check out those.

Coron Island Ultimate Tour
The Ultimate Guide To Coron Island Ultimate Tour

Calauit Island Wildlife Sanctuary:

This particular sanctuary has an area of more than 3,700 hectares, and this is absolutely devoted to wildlife preservation of animals that generally comes from Africa. The animals’ list includes elands, giraffes, zebras, and gazelles. There are a few exotic animals that can only be found here are bearcat, mouse deer, scaly anteaters, and peacock pheasant. This sanctuary is the most visited one, and you will love visiting this place too.

Apart from that, the beaches are really amazing with white sands, rock formations and also you must visit the natural spring spa. There you will get wide pools that too with soothing hot saltwater, and here you should take a bath to relax your muscles and get the ultimate peace of mind.

Coron has basically seven lakes, and Kayangan lake among them is the cleanest one. This lake is just perfectly surrounded by limestone cliffs, and this is the most visited one as well. The second one that you should not miss is the Barracuda lake, and this is famous for sea diving. But for that, you will first have to climb up a limestone mountain, and then you will arrive at the lake. If you are a photographer, this would be your lifetime experience.

Diving At Coron Island:

Honestly, this is the world-class destination for wreck diving, and this is also one of the best dive sites in the Philippines. Wreck diving is basically the name of the game at this site. Along with the awesome visibility, the sunken Japanese WWII fleet of ships is also known around the world. You will at least find ten of them available to wreck divers.

The Ultimate Guide To Coron Island Ultimate Tour
The Ultimate Guide To Coron Island Ultimate Tour

Bottom Line:

Hence, if you are tired of your regular life and 9 to 5 jobs and of course, looking for a perfect place to clear your head, then there is nothing best than this. You will get a lot of options starting from resort to activities, and we think you should not miss the chance at all.

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