Top 9 most Beautiful Queensland Australia Beach

A man riding a wave on top of a body of water

Undoubtedly, Queensland is home to the most beautiful beaches in Australia and perhaps in the world. Queensland Australia beach offers a warm climate all year round. When in Queensland you won’t feel boring and have no shortage of beaches to visit.

Even each of them offers something different to make them worthy. Together with the help of travel expert buddies, we’ve listed some of the best beaches in Queensland. You’ll explore beautiful beaches in Queensland!

Check The Top 9 Queensland Australia Beach

1. Palm Cove

A sandy beach next to a body of water

The name itself….Palm Cove holds a vision of serenity. Bordered by beautiful, tall palm trees and the water is like a warm bath. You will have delicious food in the dining choices on the Esplanade.

This is really an awesome place to take a tour with your family, spouse, and buddies.

2. Nudey Beach (Fitzroy Island)

A rainbow over a body of water

Nudey Beach is the number one Queensland Australia beach, and it is easy to see why….Clearwater, pristine coral and white coral sand.

It is situated on Fitzroy Island. You can spend a few nights at the island resort.

3. Mission Beach

If you’re looking for a striking beach south of cairns, visit Mission Beach. You will come across Bibesia Cocktail restaurant and bar in this locale, named after a Roman Goddess known as hospitality and feasting.

4. Horseshoe Bay (Magnetic Island)

Just near Townsville, Magnetic Island is home to numerous peaceful inlets. This island has clear, calm waters that are famous among visitors.

5. Horseshoe Bay (Bowen)

North in Queensland’s mango capital of Bowen, you will see Horseshoe Bay. What makes this place more engaging is that actor Hugh Jackman loved to paddle here while he was filming the movie Australia.

6. Whitehaven Beach (Whitsundays)

It is hard to hit the squeaky-clean, white sand that makes Whitehaven the most photographed beach on the planet. This silica sand is so clean and pure.

7. Great Keppel Island (Long Beach)

There are 17 beautiful beaches along Keppel Island on Queensland’s central coast. You can take long walks along this island.

Go with your spouse, create a romantic environment around you, and spend quality time together.

8. Agnes Waters To 1770

This region got its name “AGNES WATERS TO 1770” in 1770.

This island embraces the stillness and yokes your inner explorer of this 6.6 stretch of sand.  

9. 75 Mile Beach (Fraser Island)

Get a chance to drive along the most interesting route, grab a 4WD, head to Fraser Island. Also, take the 75-mile long drive along with Australia, even the world’s largest sand island.

For a refreshing dip along the way at stunning Eli Creek.


So these are the top 10 Queensland beaches in Australia. Stop dreaming…plan a family tour or couple tour and choose an island, which is enjoyable, full of amenities, bars and restaurants, and other things related to your basic needs.

Above mentioned islands are the top and most visited islands, where innumerable people visit at least once a year. So what are you waiting for? Book tickets, pack language, and go!

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